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20 Years Of Ending Abortion One Baby At A Time

In the 50 years since abortion was legalised in England and Wales 8.7 million babies’ lives have been lost. While it is vitally important to change the law, we cannot ignore the hundreds of babies who will die in this country today.

For the past 20 years, The Good Counsel Network has sought to end abortion one baby, one Mother, one family at a time. Abortions do not take place in Parliament or in MP’s surgeries, but in hospitals, “clinics” and even GP’s surgeries. Women also look for adverts of how or where to obtain an abortion.

Good Counsel runs adverts aimed at abortion-bound women. We run three daily prayer vigils outside abortion centres in London and support dozens of other vigils around the country, where leaflets offering help, with our phone number on are distributed to pregnant mums.

Over 3,000 Mothers that we know of have kept their babies because of this work, there are countless others that we do not get to know about. Just recently a woman approached one of our Counsellors, Siobhan, outside the abortion centre in Ealing, to tell her that she had come there five years before to abort her child. She spoke to a pro-lifer on the doorstep of the “clinic”, got our leaflet, went home and kept her child, who is now 5 years old.See video testimony with our mums here.

Please have a Mass offered for the Good Counsel Network in this, our 20th Anniversary, year and also have a Mass offered for the End of abortion, on or 


about the 27th October, the 50th Anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act.

Please join us in prayer, at a vigil, in your parish or at home. Please donate towards our work so that we can continue to offer the genuine practical support that so often makes the difference between life and death.

Join us in ending abortion, one baby at a time

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood leads the Rosary outside Buckhurst Hillabortion centre.

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