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About Good Counsel
No Harassment
The Good Counsel Network does not harass women at abortion centres but offers practical help and support to pregnant women, and post-abortive women wherever we meet them. For more details see; Pro-Abortion Media Storm; A Response

What is The Good Counsel Network?
A life-affirming women’s organisation which offers a free pregnancy test, free advice, medical information, practical help and moral support to women seeking abortion. We reach out to women seeking abortion who have not been informed about the risks to their physical and psychological health and who have not been presented with realistic alternatives to abortion. We deal with the hardest cases of crisis pregnancy every day.
How are hearts and minds changed?
Information, advice and support all help to change a woman’s mind about abortion but only God can change her heart. We speak to clients about God’s plan for them and their baby. Our centres are open to women of all religious beliefs.
Good Counsel!
Our work involves the simple befriending of women and educating them about abortion and  the humanity of their child, which is done through excellent literature and videos. Then we speak to them about God’s plan for them and their child. Finally we offer women practical help and moral support which they may need to keep their child, from accommodation and financial help, baby clothes and nappies, to friendship ongoing support, advice and planning for the future. Staff at The Good Counsel Network offer their time and work to Jesus through Mary.
Abortion, A Woman’s Choice?
Women’s groups have repeatedly said that abortion is about a woman’s right to choose, yet many women tell us they are having abortions because there seems to be no other choice for them. Furthermore, in studies over 70% of women having abortions have said their choice was instigated by someone else.
Risks of Abortion
The Good Counsel Network believes that the abortion choice is not freely made unless the woman is given FREE information about what abortion involves, REAL alternatives to abortion and compassionate support if she chooses to keep her baby.
The decision to abort carries serious risks to the Mother’s health. Psychologically, a woman may experience post-abortion syndrome (P.A.S.). This is a type of post-traumatic stress disorder which is well documented in the USA but largely ignored in the UK. P.A.S. can manifest itself in many ways. Women may suffer many different symptoms ranging from guilt, grieving and mourning to despair and suicidal impulses, from a desperate need to have a "replacement baby" to abuse of her other children, thwarted maternal instincts and (sometimes multiple) repeat abortions. One of the "classic" symptoms of P.A.S. is annual bouts of illness and/or depression around the time of the baby’s death date, or at what would have been his/her birth month. Physically, there are many threats to a woman’s future ability to carry a pregnancy to term. Miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and sterility are often reported following abortions. Damage to the cervix, infections and heavy bleeding are common complications. How can a woman make the decision to abort without this information?
For more details about the psychological risks of an abortion see
Mass and Adoration
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The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Adoration and Benediction take place regularly in our Centre. We also have all-night Adoration Vigils monthly.
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Because we are a privately funded organisation we rely upon donations from our supporters to reach and help the women that we see. Throughout the year we run a number of fundraising activities. More details...
Volunteers are needed on all sides of our work; reaching women, providing advice, support and help, prayer support and fundraising. More details...
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