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The Cost of A Life


Saving a Baby’s Life costs £350 (average cost)

Here is one of many babies saved in through our work (many Mothers who keep their babies after counselling will not contact us to say so, so our figures only include those who remain in touch).

This little girl is obviously very happy to be alive, and her Mother says "She has enlightened my life". Already on her way to having an abortion, without Good Counsel reaching out to her, she would not have been shown any alternative.

The advice and help she received have enabled her to plan a bright future that includes her and her baby. Our mission statement compels us to search out and use the best methods of reaching and helping Mothers to choose life for their babies.

When she comes to us a Mother will learn:

• That there are people who really care about her and her baby

• What an abortion would involve at her stage

• The physical and psychological risks of abortion

• Accurate information about the developmental stage of her baby

• What her baby looks like with a free ultra-sound scan

• What help and support we can provide her with to empower her to continue her pregnancy

• To trust have confidence in her role as a mother

We also take the opportunity to speak to girls about God’s plan for their lives. We aim to offer them miraculous medals and have Mass offered regularly for them.

To enable us to continue our unique service, which reaches out to Mothers considering abortion, we need your help, as soon as possible.

If you can make a regular financial commitment to us we can help many other Mothers to plan a bright future which includes their children.

£10 will pay for one abortion information pack.

£30 will pay for two advice sessions.

£150 will provide a staffed freephone helpline for women in distress for one month.

£350 will provide for the advertising and other costs needed to reach a woman who would otherwise abort and help save one life.

£1,000 will enable us to provide counselling and support services to numerous women for one month.

But whatever you can give will help to save lives.

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