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Under the Patronage of Our Lady,

Mother of Good Counsel

and St Jude ,

Patron of those without hope.

Pro-Life, Faithful to Catholic Teaching. Striving to protect women and children from abortion.

Our Mission Statement

Through and with Mary, the Mediatrix of All Graces,

to Mediate the Mission of Motherhood,

in order to save as many babies as possible from abortion,

using the most effective, morally acceptable means,

to reach, inform and help women.

The Good Counsel Network reaches out to pregnant women in desperate need of support, who would otherwise feel they have no other option than to have an abortion. Our work is founded on prayer and the teachings of the Catholic Church and we currently have Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament daily in our centres.


Our Centres are open to women of all faiths and of no faith.

This type of counselling is being successfully used around the world to save tens of thousands of lives . It is currently operating in Catholic Centres in the USA, Spain, Austria, Mexico, Ireland and the UK.


Here in the UK we see hundreds of girls each year and about 70% will keep their baby after their visit.

To date, through God’s grace and your support we have helped thousands of Mothers to change their mind and save their babies from abortion - and we remain in touch with over 500 of them.

But there are still over 200,000 abortions every year in England and Wales so we urgently need your help to save more lives and help protect more women.

Our Patron Saints are St Jude and Our Lady, Mother of Good Counsel

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