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How to Join the St Margaret Clitherow Society

If you have a desire for even greater heroism, you might consider joining our St Margaret Clitherow Society, named after the heroic sacrifice of St Margaret Clitherow, martyr for the Faith who was martyred in York on 25 March 1586.


St Margaret Clitherow led a life of humility, charity, self-sacrifice and great courage in an anti-Catholic culture much like our own.

Members of the St Margaret Clitherow Society sacrifice £1,000 or more per year to enable the Good Counsel Network, through the grace of God, to save at least three babies from abortion.

St Margaret lived a life of total self-giving to God. As well as sheltering Priests from those who would arrest and kill them Margaret lived a holy married life. Her martyrdom was carried out by pressing her to death with a sharp stone under her back and a door on top of her on which heavy weights were laid. Margaret was pregnant when she was killed, but even this did not cause her to flinch from giving her life when called to, rather than betray the Catholic Faith.

St Margaret Clitherow Society members sacrifice at least £1,000 per year, either in a lump sum or in monthly or quarterly instalments. Many members struggle to give £84 per month. The value of their sacrifice, often disproportionate to their means, is laden with grace, not only for themselves but also for our apostolate.Note that pledges are not legally or morally binding. If circumstances require that you terminate or change your commitment, we understand completely. All we ask is a good faith effort.

Click here to join the St Margaret Clitherow Society

Please complete the form and return it to us using the address at the bottom of the page. alternatively you can set this up via our donate page. You can also choose to make a one-off donation of £1000 annually.

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