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About Us

The Good Counsel Network is a life-affirming women’s organisation which offers moral support, medical information, legal advice and practical help to women seeking abortion. We reach out to these women to inform them about the risks to their physical and psychological health and present them with realistic alternatives to abortion. We deal with the hardest cases of crisis pregnancy every day.

About the Good Counsel Network

We offer women help and moral support which they may need to keep their child, from accommodation and financial help, baby clothes and nappies, to friendship, advice and planning for the future. Staff at The Good Counsel Network offer their time and work to Jesus through Mary.

No Harassment

False accusations have been made, however in reality The Good Counsel Network does not harass women at abortion centres but offers much needed help and support to pregnant and post-abortive women.

Our organisation is called after Our Lady of Good Counsel, a miraculous picture with faith-inspiring history:

The Story of the Image of Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel.doc 


What we do

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