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Priest Visitors to Our Site...



We welcome the interest and support of Priests in our work. Your powerful voice in witnessing to the Sanctity of Life transforms parishes and individuals.

How Can we help you?


• Do you have a parishioner who is Pregnant and Worried? or someone who is actively considering or planning to abort? Please call us while they are with you if possible, or give them our phone number. You (or they) can click here to find out more about the help available.


• Need advice for someone who has had an abortion and who is suffering? click here .


• Print off a Parish Poster offering help to women in a crisis pregnancy here .


• Want more information about life issues? See our links .


How You Can Help Us


Daily Mass & Adoration : If you ever visit Central London, we invite you to come and say Mass for us, or to come and give Benediction in our Centre. We aim to have daily Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for the end of abortion and euthanasia and for the particular women we see. Mass is usually at 12noon and Benediction takes place at about 5pm, but we can be flexible and fit in with your schedule, especially if you can give us a little notice.

Our chapel is a great place to practise your pro-life homilies!


We also have a monthly all night Adoration Vigil, requiring Mass to be said to start it, in the early evening and to end it, at 6 or 7am.



If you would like to say Mass in our Centre please call Gabrielle on 020 7723 1740.

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