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Stories from Mothers

Time to Listen

One young woman came to us after going into hospital 3 times to have her baby aborted. Each time she would spend the day dreading the thought of what was before her. She would deliberately arrive 2 or 3 hours late at the hospital desperately hoping that her appointment would be cancelled. She would be prepared for the operation in a state of total panic. She would even come out in a nervous rash.

Like so many other women she was totally confused and without moral support when she discovered that she was pregnant. All but one of the medical personnel that she spoke to put forward abortion as the only solution. The hospital counsellor seemed to be trying to ‘sell’ the abortion to her, portraying motherhood as a silly romanticised notion.

Somehow, each time this woman found the strength to walk out at the last moment (once, literally seconds before being anaesthetised). Each time, the hospital staff ‘kindly’ booked another date for her abortion to go ahead. Finally, through the efforts of a good Christian soul, Good Counsel was put in touch with her. After having a chat with us (We spoke for 8 hours and she said "Nobody else had the time to listen") she is delighted to be keeping her baby, which is what she was crying out to do all along! With the help of your prayers and donations we will help her through and beyond her pregnancy.




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Information and Moral Support


Another lady presented herself to us informing us that she wanted RU486, the abortion pill. We discussed at length the dangers of this ghoulish drug before going on to talk to her about the humanity of her baby. We discussed various positive solutions to her difficulties and offered moral support.

It turned out that she had only been with her boyfriend for 3 months and when she discovered that she was pregnant neither of them discussed keeping the baby, both assumed that the other wanted an abortion.

This lady was obviously quite aware in her heart that her baby was a real, unique, human being, and just thinking about the abortion was causing her suffering. After taking every book and leaflet we had on the baby’s development and accepting a Miraculous Medal, we offered her all the support we could and she left us laughing and crying at the same time.

Weeks later we received a Christmas card from this woman in which she told us that she had her boyfriend’s support in keeping the baby and was now looking forward to the birth.


Please note, to protect their identity, photos of our client's babies as well as of models are used interchangeably throughout our site without being labelled.

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